PICC Line Care and Maintenance (1hr / 1CE’s)

1 hour In-Service compares and contrasts the differences between CVC’s, PICC’s and Midlines; teaches proper care and maintenance of Midlines/PICC’s; explains common complications of all central vascular access devices; demonstrates central line dressing change procedures as well as PICC and central line removal.


Parenteral Nutrition in Skilled Nursing Setting (TPN & PPN) (1hr / 1 CE’s)

1 hour In-Service covers the administration of TPN- Reviews lab draws, MD Orders, pharmacy/dietary communication. Explains and reviews process and orders if central line access is lost. Provides a working understanding of TPN administration in the long term care setting.


IV Refresher (4hr / 4 CE’s)

4 hour refresher course for those who are already IV certified. Didactic only.

IV Certification (40 hr / 40 CE’s)

40 hour IV course approved by the State of Tennessee Board of Nursing. Class is taught over 4 weeks and certifies the LPN to administer IV push medications. Class also prepares the new RN and LPN for clinical application of vascular access procedures and safe IV drug administration. 


Other In-Services Available (1hr / 1CE’s)

1 hour training that can include use of PCA pumps, Electronic infusion pumps (all brands), infusion documentation review, flushing protocols

for all PICC lines/Midlines, accessing and flushing implantable ports, and phlebotomy, etc.